Wholesale Business

In order to make it as easy as possible for everyone to request the most excellent items in the world so that we can deliver them right to you, we go to production centers in every part of the world and exhibitions in each country to make purchases directly.


If you are looking for an item not already in our product line, feel free to contact us.

We also take orders for your private brand in India, Nepal, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

Feel free to contact us for an estimate, even for an original fashion item.


Main Product Line

Across-the-board traditional crafts and handicraft work from all over the world, as well as the clothing, accessories, and interiors that use those techniques.





gekka original brand オリジナルブランド
bt sen
shop ショップ

Japan】SHIBORI scarves , Nishijin brocade, miscellaneous Japanese goods,

     Japanese bags, interior goods, wooden products, pottery,

     lacquer ware, etc. 

India】hand embroidery stole in Kashmir, pashmina, fashion goods,

     accessories, etc.
Thailand】silk scarves, fashion goods, etc.
Vietnam】hand dyed silk scarf, fashion goods, etc.
The Philippines】wooden bags, accessories, ect.
Nepal】organic cotton clothes, felt accessories, fashion goods, etc.
Mongolia】Cashmere clothes
Taiwan】kitchenware, clothes goods

oroshi ajia oroshi ajia


South and Central America
Guatemala】fair trade accessories, fashion goods, interior goods, etc.
Mexico】leather bags, woven fabric bags, Pashmina clothes
Colombia】fair trade accessories
PB4corteFlor group of 3


South Africa】wool products, fashion clothes
Kenya】fair trade accessories
Madagascar】bags, hats, fashion goods, etc.


Kyrgyzstan】fashion goods made by raw wool felt, interior goods, etc.
Italy】Murano(Venetian) glass accessories, dinnerware


The Middle East
Turkey】Oya lace accessories, pottery, interior goods
Jordan】hand embroidery stole, carpet, etc.


North America
Canada】washi products, accessories , etc.
U.S.A.】character goods, fashion goods, interior goods, kitchen goods, etc.