Our original brand “GEKKA”

Our original brand “GEKKA”




The ultimate handiwork and the pride of Japan such as "Nishijin silk brocade", "Kyo-Kanoko Shibori", and "Yuzen dyed silk". Beautiful materials in which skills live that have been inherited by successive generations over the centuries brought to today's party scene...  The fashion items from our original brand GEKKA have been shown at every type of exhibition in North America, and have been well-received by U.S. buyers.

gekka original brand オリジナルブランド
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OBI bags made from Nishijin silk brocade

This original OBI bag has carefully sewn in a Kyoto workshop using brand new high quality "Nishijin silk brocade" from Kyoto. This bag was first regularly used by many in America where there are many party scenes, and is now regularly used by everyone in Europe.

西陣織の帯で作った帯バッグ OBI BAG


FURISODE stole and bag
Long-Sleeved Kimono stoles and bags

New long-sleeved kimono as a fashionable stole. The fringe of the hem is dyed one by one. Europeans, Americans, Japanese people who live overseas and Japanese descendants are happy to be able to easily project the image of Japanese style

振袖の着尺から作った振袖ストール及びバッグ FURISIDE STOLE



Kyo-Kanoko shibori silk scarf (private brand product from a long-established Kyoto manufacturer)

A 100% silk scarf in which the traditional craft "Kyo-Kanoko shibori" skill lives that represents Japan. We have asked a long-established Kyoto manufacture to make this scarf as private brand product and we are selling it in North America. The design with a three-dimensional impact like origami has been well received by buyers and customers.




Tapestry and table runner made with Nishijin Silk Brocade

We are proposing brand new Nishijin silk brocade to everyone overseas as tapestries and table runners in a variety of sizes.

There are many customers who use OBI just as they are for interiors, and even in exhibitions it is a popular product as a beautiful interior masterpiece brought to life by real Japanese skill.



We are preparing a myriad of items for you.