Sky Elephant was established in Las Vegas, Nevada in the summer of 2012, in response to the demands of an ever growing international community of artisans, focusing primarily on the distribution and sale of uniquely crafted Japanese products. Japanese culture enjoys tremendous popularity in America and is often thought of as the epitome of sophistication and elegance; recent innovations in design, technique and technology, have greatly assisted in the popular revival of traditional Japanese crafted goods.


Unfortunately, there is very little differentiation made between Japanese, Chinese and other quality crafted goods produced in Asia. Often these items are displayed on the same shelves and sold without discretion, discrimination, or detail; Sky Elephant was born in response to this impersonal system of trade and distribution. At Sky Elephant we feel that the rich historic and cultural context of these products is something far too important not to communicate with the buyer, as the expertise and skill of an artisan is something advanced, deserving of recognition; requiring many years of tutelage, and a lifetime of dedication and training, something not usually communicated in the sale and distribution of such intametly crafted goods .


Sky Elephant stands a proud embassador to Japanese culture, and has made its appointed mission one of education and understanding. Sky Elephant trades in masterfully crafted accessories and apparel , and gladly extends its primary directive of education and distribution, to every craft and culture.

We would also like to send out a message to everyone in the world about the wonderful culture particular to Japan rooted not just in expensive crafts, but also in daily life, such as Japanese wrapping cloth.


On the other hand, there are masterpieces of handiwork carefully fostered over a long history, not only in Japan, but likewise by people in countries throughout the world, in cultures which are particular to those lands.

In recent years, just as in Japan, there have been many items adopted for fashion or interiors, or fair trade products that revive those techniques, which have been introduced at North American exhibitions, beginning here in Las Vegas where a variety of global exhibitions have been held that are the best in the world.

We felt a desire to quickly introduce a large number of these wonderful products and deliver them to everyone, beginning with Japan; from both of those ideas, from the countries of the world, to the countries of the world...


We delicate ourselves daily anew to introduce and deliver to people outstanding masterpieces of time-honored handiwork, a variety of products brought to life by skills of handicraft, the "true value" of those products, and a wonderful culture that is the background of those products: this is our appointed mission.


With the ancient saying, "Treasure every meeting, for it will never recur," as our motto, Sky Elephant will cross the seas to bring you happiness.